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no title

music: I love listening to music I just gotta know - at the moment "colbie caillat and hope and as well tracy chapman (Live-CD)
feelings: not best, not worse - something in between

Well, it's been a while and it's been also a while since/that I was online last time - but well, I see that nothing has changed, everything's where it used to be and I'm still the English-speaking one I was...but I want to thank Bella for the comment I always appreciate reading those! I hope you do fine and that you didn't have another argument with these French parents
Well, my mom and me are going to eat lunch by now
2.10.06 13:42


ich geh in flammen auf...

music: evanescence - the open door & james morrsion - undiscovered
feelings: naja - ich versuch positiv zu denken, doch es klappt irgendwie nich! daher versuch ich mich abzulenken, doch das klappt auch nich! also lächel ich - kurz

Am I German again? I do not know yet - maybe - I am proud of being a German girl and I think I want to stay in Germany, but I just love expressing myself in English so WHAT EVER???
I try to focuse NOT on the ones I miss - or the ONE I miss and try to distract myself from thinking of her! Things will change soon, so I should look forward to the change! I found a good reason why it is better that I did not went to another country for one half of the year -> I can not stand being at home AGAIN, but also can not stand being away from home - I can not stand being away from what I am used to, even though being away from home is a good thing, because to somethings one is TOO used *lol* but for instance when I went home again after staying a fortnight (only fourteen days long) in England I could not help but cry, because I missed everything sooo much : the school, the streets, the people, the teachers, the whole city, the language, the traffic on the left side and so on... and I am afraid that I would cry as well when I would come back home again after feeling at home in another country/city/house! I know I will have to deal with this feeling much more often in my life, but I want to avoid it by visiting cities only for two or three days and not for a week or two! I know it is impossible to always stay only for a few days, but I resolve this at least
Well I think that is all - holidays are over, my muscles are aching like they never did before, because I loved going over my limit by playing squash and tennis far too long for my mucles and whole body to take, but I do not really care and I will have to continue reading the "book of my life" (German-lecture - I do not find it too bad I must admit, but in spite of that I am not too anxious to read it...)

Greetings, Anne
14.10.06 19:57

musik: letters to cleo & wire daisies
feelings: confused - deverted - am I missing something - starting - stopping - in the middle of nowhere

Well, the usual thing that happens when I stay too long infront of the computer: I get some kind of confused, cold and I drift away and recover me somewhere beyond time and place - thinking about nothing and everything - finding things important wich are so damn uninteresting for the real life I live in... what's the use of sites like "myspace"??? u get to "know" people u probably are never going to meet - u read things about people u never will get to know - maybe u exchange messages or u add someone "as a friend" even though u never will become something like friends anyway - but u add each other because then u are listed in somewhere and maaaybe someday someone will click on ur link OR WHAT???
*lol* my brains wonder about it, but it doesn't touch me much in the end because I somehow like that... yeah maybe I like reading English-written things, especially poetry which isn't too difficult to understand but fascinating in the way the words are chosen, I guess that's it!
I feel like I had a million weeks long constantly school although school has just started... I feel weak - school is really strenuous at the moment or maybe even "from NOW on" - I try soaking in everything I can and that is too much, I guess! I should not take the 11th grade and exceptionally the first term too serious, peut-être... well, I know somewhere inside of me there is the needed strength I am missing right now! I just have to have it, because I really am willing to pass the final-exams!!! I know I have got an amount of time left till then, but nevertheless feel like it is necessary to already learn towards these exams...
And now I better eat...yeah eating while watching tv - that is what I am going to do
Good evening everybody
21.10.06 22:46

musik: mandy und selma - feel so bad
feelings: I don't know - bit imbalanced

Even though I could feel well because at school I hardly have lessons at the moment (German and sports are omitted/cancelled tomorrow and monday and tuesday at my school everyone will have "short-lessons" a 30 minutes) I just don't feel like it...I'm not happy!!! Not at all...well okay I'm constantley listening to this song, which is so damn sad - I can't comprehend everything that's inside the song, that's how I feel! And unfaithfull by romina, kati and leo is just hoorible, because I have to hear leo too often - it really is terrible, she's just shivering with every single tune she tries to sing and she gets them, yes, but it just sounds...well, I'm sorry, some of you might like leo, right???
I've got a new project: I'll try playing the song or intro of the metallica song called "one" - this song is very pretty - until the frontsinger starts screaming *lol* maybe the apocalyptica-version is prettier, right? one by apocalyptica & one by metallica (live) (giving you a live-link because one cannot hear too much of the song by watching the official video, because their telling a life-story at the beginning...)
So this was me and that's it!
Goodbye, enjoy listening
26.10.06 17:52

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