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I was happy in my harbour when you cut me loose...

music.. KT Tunstall - Silent Sea, Heal Over, Other Side Of This World
feelings.. I dont feel, do I?

Today I felt the sunshine - it made me feel warm, until it made me feel hot - and then I started to hate it again - sure, firstly it looks nice, if rain is your constant friend, but if you stay too long inside of its light at least I just want to flee into rain again - maybe rain looks depressing and sun looks lightly, but sun is hot and rain is nice!
Theres noone I can chase after, noone Im so damn interested in - my lady is no longer my lady and I stand alone were I stood alone anyway ...I hate my life! My life is full of despair *grin* full of nothing - emptiness - the only thing I can lean on is music, I guess *grin a second time* and I DO!!! I live for music, I sleep with music and Id die for music...for my guitar, which I cannot handle like I want myself to...
But, sure Im happy *grin*
Where is the love (we shared when we were young)?
I never shared love when I was young - the only thing I shared is my feelings with my bestbest grilfriends when I had some - I sheard my lovesickness, I shared my feelings with the persons I loved and who never loved me back -
But my life is still unwritten - and I want it to unfold great and nice and beautiful - I want it to be like women are!!!
Why the fuck did I have to write this down?

Love, Anne
20.2.07 18:14


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