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ecris-moi, ecris-moi... s'il te plait?!

music: sitting in an internet cafe - so: NOTHING
feelings: empty, caring, sick (to my stomach and to another thing quite next to it)

So...haven't written for too long so probably nobody knows where I am at the moment:
in England...

Usually it's really nice here - and I also met nice people - and I also met really nice people - and I also met beautiful people - and I also met someone I really care about - but NOW that very person had to leave - on saturday - and I feel like she has somehow grabbed EVERYTHING I was, when she was here, and now she's gone and I feel like there's nothing left... I somehow left too - or something like that - I don't know - but it's... it's...

Je ne sais pas! Tu me manque - tu me manque - et je ne sais pas ce que je peux faire maintenant - je suis tres triste - je ne sais pas - qu'est-ce que tu penses? quand est-ce que tu m'ecris? Tu as dis que tu m'ecris - est-ce que tu ne peux pas? tu me manque - je veux essayer - essayer avoir une "liasion" avec toi - parce que je pense que nous pouvons... pouvons... c'est tres difficile - pour toi et pour moi - mais je pense que nous pouvons - quoique nous ne savons pas encore comment nous sommes ensemble - au moins ne pas completement - c'est difficile - mais, comment j'ai dis: je veux essayer parce que je crois en nous!

Bonjour a tout le monde,
16.7.07 17:46


I hate this taste, don't you? No, of course you don't, of course you don't. You said life is peachy

Music: Beautiful Missy Higgins with her beautiful new album On A Clear Night
Feelings: I'm fine, thanks.

Good morning to all those who have to wake themselves up right now - like me
Today pupils of NRW will get their marks - that isn't very interesting or exciting to me for I already know all of them *lol* But usually it's a nice day... I guess.
I decided not to go to Cologne today, although a few friends of mine will be there - but I know that it's gonna be pretty boring to sit and wait a whole day long for one single woman who probably will only join us for one hour or so - that sounds boring, doesn't it? That popstar-thing's not really anymore one of my likes *lol* I'm not a teenager anymore I guess that's it - I'm not as fascinated anymore - that should be the reason -
And therefore I write?
I write to tell of my readers, no matter who you are, to listen to that gorgeous woman - hey: am I fascinated? YES, but by her music and her voice and her songs okay - I see the difference :D Seeing and hearing, Waiting and Enjoying - there's a huge difference

Anyway, I wish all of you Cologne-walkers a nice day and hope that you'll never lose that fascination - just like I did, I think!

20.6.07 07:03

Mag ik nog even hier bij ji...

Music: Sarah Bettens
Feelings: Relatively good - I guess

Hello everybody,
even though I already should be sleeping I thought I'd write/blog.
What I did this eve? I watched a play at Schauspielhaus and thought it wasn't too bad. And I watched a movie - "the wild chick(en)s and the LOVE" (translated in English) - was also really nice. And yesterday I watched "The girl that turned the pages" (also translated) - this one REALLY was/is awesome - I went out that cinema like not knowing what to say and like so not willing to talk and like so not willing to listen to any music, for the soundtrack was SO striking me! Great movie!!! You totally gotta watch it. Allthough I had my doubts first because usually I don't like thrilling films - but this one was fun - or rather impressing, somehow - and typical French :D
Yep, that's what I did the last two days - tryin' to enjoy life, tryin' to enjoy myself - and at some moments I really did - and isn't that success? somehow? guess I gotta be satisfied with that!

The last semester of grade 11 almost is finished - only about 3 and a half weeks left and I so feel like holidays and like getting this chapter of my life done :D I want to get out of school - ever since I had that "practical training" - 'cause since I had that experience I know how much more fun one can have in life and how much more relaxed and interesting one's life could be if one only worked and had a job one's interested in!

That's what my thoughts are about Hope you all get enough sleep to make the next day (without bein' tired all day) and

I wish you a very nice flight and all :D
Welcome back home in Germany!
Hope we'll meet again soon!

29.5.07 23:01

I'm givin' up, I'm givin' in, this is a battle that I can't win...

I'm not doin' it to advertise - at least not only...I just fell in love with this cover - have I ever seen something that beautiful in all my life?
And - can anyone share this?

Wish you a nice day
22.4.07 18:48

I'm givin' up, I'm givin' in, this is a battle that I can't win...

Musik: No Angels - Destiny
Feelings: I feel weeell - somehow - I'm good at imaging things, that's why and UUUH - school awaits me

Hey everybody!
The last three days were greeat!!! I love Berlin - I really do! I love to go by tube and by suburban-train and I love to walk through huge streets and all that stuff...big-big-citys are the most beautiful ones!!!
And this concert was really nice! I really rocked - although I don't really know why I did - but I did - and one could see my backhead at VIVA *lol* very great

And I've gotta say: you smiled at me like SO happy that I couldn't ignore it - what was it?
But "It takes more to confuse a girl like me...", so it's not that big of a deal to me I've gone through way more intense stuff :D

That's just what I wanted to say, I guess...
I'm ready, so life, please begin NOW and let me know you did and show me that you mean no harm and give me all you can and tell me you were to become amazing...

I'm too old to only dream my life - I'm too mature to always "imagine" something - I'm ready to give and take and to be independent :D

and ah: life, I really want you to fuckin' staaaart now!!!

and ah: school - can't you at least run a little but faster???

Nice day everyone, Anne
15.4.07 18:33

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