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Iron Flower...

musik: so'n paar sachen von k's choice und sarah bettens
feelings: gut!

heute is nix tolles passiert, alles is wie immer: langweilig und halt wie immer - aber geh jetz gleich ins kino, das is auch mal schön, mal wieder was mit katie zu machen, weil das kommt ja selten vor! naja, aber das tollste ist, dass ich meine k's & sarah sammlung heute um einen riesigen teil erweitert habe! und sind echt super tolle sachen dabei, das lässt mich richtig strahlen und macht mcih einfach nur glücklich! klar, hier läuft alles drunter und drüber bei mir, weil ich mein leben noch nie in den griff bekommen habe, aber wenigstens stimmt der soundcheck zum leben :D die frau da oben ist einfach unbeschreiblich! und sie singt sogar ein lied von letters to cleo, das ich sowieso schon immer (seid ichs kenne) haben wollte live und ich hab diese geile version jetzt! und somewhere in so wunderschönen live und akusik versionen das gibt's nich!
naja, ich kann mir vorstellen wie wenig man diese begeisterung jetzt gerade wohl da draußen teilen kann udn ich muss jetz sowieso los, also wünsch euch noch einen schönen tag (ohne kopfschmerzen o.ä.) und morgen einen schönen stressfreien tag und ein tolles wochenende : mehr kann ich nich machen denk ich!
liebe grüße an alle die das hier lesen
16.3.06 16:10


I don't trust how u decide, they're all wrong if u're allright - we just happen to be here...

musik: ach irgendwas von sarah bettens
feelings: mhm...ich weiß nich...geht hoch und runter - jetz grade at the moment runter...

Mhm, I thought about changing my password! I'm sure, if I do it's going to be "somewhere"! But I'll let you know shortly before...
It's weird: when I went here (downstairs -> towards the pc) I've been happy - anyhow...I mean I've been able to go home instead of leading our "jungscharr" today, because we planned to go swim(ming) and there were 5 observers with 2 children - yeah! So I had the opportunity to leave - I did! Because I don't really like swimming!
Anyway: I'm feeling very boring momentary - while Katie's babbling whole shool-time long (I'm sorry - it's not that bad it seems when I say "babble"), I'm just half listening and I'm mostly keeping silent - and if not, if I start narrating too, everyone just seems to adjourn me - it sucks! It really does - that's just me : I'm always recognizing problems where no problems are - I'm always complicated - and I have to get used to it, that's the worse! And while I'm writing this english blog I'm recognizing I can't write texts in this wonderful language how I used to do! And whom's fault is that? I guess Ms. Wenzel-Romeo's, right? If I would have had good english lessons in class nine everything would be fine - but that's just an excuse I found while not perceiving I'm too dumb -
I'm not that depressive it appears to be but who does really care?

ps.: great link without this simple text wouldn't have gotten THAT amazing
22.3.06 18:56

now I guess u have ur way, as I taste the earth today

musik: k's choice - alles was auf dem pc ist
feelings: naja, also mir ging's schon mal besser...

heya, das komplizierte mädchen is mal wieder hier und schreibt dieses mal dann auch mal wieder was! I guess I better change the language...
Just can't seem to have a good opportunity or chance - and it's just like sarah says in one of her beautiful songs: in every house in every room someone's always waiting to be heard (...sitting on my big behind I am hardly rescuing the world...when u see this side don't let me drag u down, when u feel this weight don't let me drag u down, I need u to turn me upside down...continue's caused by the love I feel for the lyrics) - I realized I'm not even able to write short, sweet letters by using my homelanguage - just can hope it'll change when I get older, but at the moment I don't feel like a change or practising to express my feelings by using "german"! I got used to it and I don't have the will to use my usual language - and I'm almost sure my german-grate will be just okay like everytime: a great c, which I hate, but I'm not willing to work hard to get better and anyway I don't see HOW I could work - so I made the decision to do the first LK in math, and the third AF in english - the other two AF's (one of them will be the second LK) are unclear to me at the moment, but I guess in the end of the 11 I will know what to choose! I feel so dozy - I want to do everything right, but, to be true, I'm afraid to do anything, that's why everything feels so wrong - now, first time I'm getting a bit activ(e)again, everything feels like (a) false again - well, I guess I have to try before I can say "uh, it went so dumb" - I hope I will! It's weird - I can't write an english letter, right? What if I do even if it's weird? Would everyone think I'm off my trolley? Does it matter? I guess it matters anyhow, because you wouldn't write the letter, if it's all the same to you that the person being adressed may thinks you're insane after reading no you wouldn't - that's why I just can hope I will be understood and noone will think "my godness, how crazy, a german girl writes an english letter to someone being german aswell - don't you think the writer's a little bit confused or something like that?" *lol* Did I say I'm not? Well, I've always been a bit "ballaballa" so what's the point of discussing? None!
That's it for today - and maybe that's it for the next whole week you'll never know (never know BEFORE I mean)
Best wishes,
30.3.06 18:12


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