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won't somebody help me, is it hard to let me find my way???

music: lot of extremly great songs
feelings: I'm feeling like I'm missing my chance - even though I see no chance - I should get my ass out of here...

this night I dreamed of someone I didn't talk to about six month - yeah, our last phone-call was in december 2005 - I don't know what this dream wanted to tell me...anyway, we spoke, it's been nice, but I don't think I need to fall in love with you second time, right? I'm going to let things where they are...
and yeah, I remember I slept at "lisa's old house", which besides was a huge WG (it's not existing in our real world - I guess )...
It feels like time's passing by too fast, even though I feel like I haven't been at school for more then this short week...I know I should hurry up a little bit, but I've got no motivation to ring your bell - I know things could be more great than they are (because they aren't very exiting), I know all I have to do is walk that fuckin' way, ring, say hello, give the CD to you, catch a smile on your face, and then things would probably work (for) their own (< anne hopes this means: without help)! Late at night I'm always thinking "THIS is the moment", but well, it's late at night when I think so - and when sun came up I'm scared - I don't dare - I feel like not being tough and strong enough to manage everything...and it's true, I'll visit you, if you pass my way, but it's not very probable that you will...
I guess noone's really interested in my fight against myself, theme-change:
I got my hair cut yesterday - and it's really short and I like it that way and it's going to get even more short next time - and I'm looking soooo forward to friday the fourteenth - no, to saturday the fifteenth :D we're driving to england :D the city's called bournemouth and it's supposed to be a beautiful one! we (my sis and I) will stay there at leats 2 weeks, we'll have englishlessons (language-holidays ) in the first week, then we'll visit london at weekend and there'll happen some other cool thing, I'm hoping
yeah, that's everything I wanted to say!
wish all of you great holidays,
see you,
2.7.06 17:03



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