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I hate this taste, don't you? No, of course you don't, of course you don't. You said life is peachy

Music: Beautiful Missy Higgins with her beautiful new album On A Clear Night
Feelings: I'm fine, thanks.

Good morning to all those who have to wake themselves up right now - like me
Today pupils of NRW will get their marks - that isn't very interesting or exciting to me for I already know all of them *lol* But usually it's a nice day... I guess.
I decided not to go to Cologne today, although a few friends of mine will be there - but I know that it's gonna be pretty boring to sit and wait a whole day long for one single woman who probably will only join us for one hour or so - that sounds boring, doesn't it? That popstar-thing's not really anymore one of my likes *lol* I'm not a teenager anymore I guess that's it - I'm not as fascinated anymore - that should be the reason -
And therefore I write?
I write to tell of my readers, no matter who you are, to listen to that gorgeous woman - hey: am I fascinated? YES, but by her music and her voice and her songs okay - I see the difference :D Seeing and hearing, Waiting and Enjoying - there's a huge difference

Anyway, I wish all of you Cologne-walkers a nice day and hope that you'll never lose that fascination - just like I did, I think!

20.6.07 07:03



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