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I'm givin' up, I'm givin' in, this is a battle that I can't win...

Musik: No Angels - Destiny
Feelings: I feel weeell - somehow - I'm good at imaging things, that's why and UUUH - school awaits me

Hey everybody!
The last three days were greeat!!! I love Berlin - I really do! I love to go by tube and by suburban-train and I love to walk through huge streets and all that stuff...big-big-citys are the most beautiful ones!!!
And this concert was really nice! I really rocked - although I don't really know why I did - but I did - and one could see my backhead at VIVA *lol* very great

And I've gotta say: you smiled at me like SO happy that I couldn't ignore it - what was it?
But "It takes more to confuse a girl like me...", so it's not that big of a deal to me I've gone through way more intense stuff :D

That's just what I wanted to say, I guess...
I'm ready, so life, please begin NOW and let me know you did and show me that you mean no harm and give me all you can and tell me you were to become amazing...

I'm too old to only dream my life - I'm too mature to always "imagine" something - I'm ready to give and take and to be independent :D

and ah: life, I really want you to fuckin' staaaart now!!!

and ah: school - can't you at least run a little but faster???

Nice day everyone, Anne
15.4.07 18:33


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Bella / Website (18.4.07 12:40)
Großes Dankeschön an euch beide für die schöne Karte aus Berlin. Ist gestern schon angekommen, hab mich sehr drüber gefreut! :D

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