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Mag ik nog even hier bij ji...

Music: Sarah Bettens
Feelings: Relatively good - I guess

Hello everybody,
even though I already should be sleeping I thought I'd write/blog.
What I did this eve? I watched a play at Schauspielhaus and thought it wasn't too bad. And I watched a movie - "the wild chick(en)s and the LOVE" (translated in English) - was also really nice. And yesterday I watched "The girl that turned the pages" (also translated) - this one REALLY was/is awesome - I went out that cinema like not knowing what to say and like so not willing to talk and like so not willing to listen to any music, for the soundtrack was SO striking me! Great movie!!! You totally gotta watch it. Allthough I had my doubts first because usually I don't like thrilling films - but this one was fun - or rather impressing, somehow - and typical French :D
Yep, that's what I did the last two days - tryin' to enjoy life, tryin' to enjoy myself - and at some moments I really did - and isn't that success? somehow? guess I gotta be satisfied with that!

The last semester of grade 11 almost is finished - only about 3 and a half weeks left and I so feel like holidays and like getting this chapter of my life done :D I want to get out of school - ever since I had that "practical training" - 'cause since I had that experience I know how much more fun one can have in life and how much more relaxed and interesting one's life could be if one only worked and had a job one's interested in!

That's what my thoughts are about Hope you all get enough sleep to make the next day (without bein' tired all day) and

I wish you a very nice flight and all :D
Welcome back home in Germany!
Hope we'll meet again soon!

29.5.07 23:01


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