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nobody likes to, but I really like to cry...

music: Tegan and Sara - The Con
feelings: empty, confused, awful - but I'm in love with this music!!!

What if everything went too fast for me?
What if cannot cope with my feelings?
What if I don't understand - but understand at the same time?
What if I was NOT sensitive? not sensible?

I wonder how relationships do they work? What if one cannot see each other every day - what if one lives as far away from each other as we do? How does such a relationship work? If I only knew what to do...because I know I want to try this - although it seems indeed difficult to me...and what do you think? Qu'est-ce que tu pense, ma chérie? Est-ce que tu veux l'essayer? Yes, I're not too sure yet...I neither am...but for me there's nothing to risk, so it's not that difficult for me to decide - I just want to try - J'éspère, que c'est possible! Mais, je ne sais pas plus! I cannot assure you that it will work...I think we are compatible (don't mean it as cold)...but I can't be sure...if it only wasn't such a risk for darling...I feel awful!
How do relationships work in such conditions? I mean - I want it to work - but is it possible? Or is it impossible? Can WE make it possible? Can we fight against all the doubts and make it? Together? I wish we could...

Complicated - but my life's always complicated, so that's not new to me! Everything I touch gets complicated at least once...why does that have to happen?

Well, fortunately there is music to make me forget! And here's one fantastic video for all of you who are open for something very impressing, though peculiar:

3.8.07 11:52


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